Szilvia Doczi


Szilvia has been an advocate and ambassador of the Climate Opportunity Initiative since the summer of 2016.


Szilvia is Senior Economist at Arup based in California with 10+ years experience in the electicity, gas and water sectors in Europe and Americas.

She is former  Senior Manager of Ofgem, the British energy regulator where she worked with both electricity and gas networks. Prior to that she was Head of Strategy and Regulation of the Hungarian Electricity and Transamission System Operator, MAVIR.

Szilvia's economics and policy expertise includes avice to the Mexican government on energy storage policy; energy business models for private sector clients in California; regulatory finance advice for National Grid's interconnector investments; as well as acquisition due diligence of several energy networks in UK, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.