I launched the initiative because I am very concerned about climate change and because I believe we can do much more to mitigate it. My interest in climate change goes back to my master thesis in 2000. The slow and inadequate progress of the global community in dealing with the problem we have witnessed since then is increasingly worrying and frustrating. Having had an idea for accelerating climate action, my interest turned into an urge to make a contribution.

The objective of the initiative is more effective and timely mitigation of climate change. There is no commercial, political or other agenda behind the initiative. The initiative was developed in time I took of from my work and the voluntary contribution of the team and supporters.



Arpad Cseh


Arpad launched the Climate Opportunity Initiative in the spring of 2016 and has dedicated 50% of his time to the initiative. Arpad is also a portfolio manager in the infrastructure investment business of UBS Asset Management.

Szilvia Doczi


Szilvia has been an advocate and ambassador of the Climate Opportunity Initiative since the summer of 2016. Szilvia is Senior Economist at Arup based in California with 10+ years experience in the electicity, gas and water sectors in Europe and Americas.

Giulia Fumagalli


Giulia joined the Climate Opportunity Initiative in January 2017 as a volunteer after hearing an inspiring speech from Arpad at UBS where she works as a Market Risk Analyst.

Panashe R. Rushesha


Panashe joined the team in January, much like Giulia, as a volunteer after hearing Arpad speak at an event at UBS - where he is on the graduate training program.